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Recycled Inner Tube Pencil Case

Recycled Inner Tube Pencil Case

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Measures: Length 22.5cm  Height 8.5cm

Feed up with buying back to school pencil cases that don’t last, does someone in the office keep ‘borrowing’ your pen? We have the answer that you need!!

The Kulemba is made from recycled inner tube by fairly paid tailors in Malawi. This fabulous pencil case gets a gold star every time, it will hold your pens, crayons, 15cm rulers, rubbers, paperclips, pencil sharpeners, in fact, any small stationery items you could care to name!

Great to use at school or in the office, our fully zipped case is lined with eye catching “Chitenge” a wax-printed 100% cotton and is even shower proof to keep everything inside dry.

Some of our recycled inner tubes have manufacturers writing or the odd puncture repair patch meaning no two pencil cases will ever be identical.

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